Find New Suppliers

Reduce your Costs and Supply Chain risk!

Recent events have demonstrated the dangers of depending upon single suppliers and/or suppliers from a single country. The Supply Chain challenge for the future is how to diversify, improve efficiency and keep costs to a minimum - all at the same time.

In order to find and assess potential new Suppliers:

  1. Access & search the Kompass Directory – 300,000+ U.K. companies!
  2. Check potential Suppliers’ credit references.

  1. Use Kopiki to discover new Suppliers in the U.K. and abroad.
  1. ITC's Export Potential Map (Find the countries with the greatest potential).
  2. ITC's Trade Map (Identify those countries which export specific goods).
  3. Your own policy considerations - limits on: distance, language, time zone etc.

  1. Access & search the Kompass Directory – 33 million companies worldwide!
  2. Check potential Buyers’ credit references.
  3. Check EU Suppliers' VAT and EORI numbers.