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Digital Marketplaces and Business Networks

Unlike B2C commerce which is incredibly well serviced by the likes of: Amazon, eBay, SAP Ariba and AliBaba, B2B platforms have to resolve a number of complex problems.

In fact, there are a few online genuine B2B marketplaces where deals can be negotiated and closed. In the main these are specialised niche markets where industry specifications and terms & conditions are standardised. More often, they provide buyer\supplier “matching” services – which are nonetheless extremely valuable e.g. as provided by Kopiki’s Marketplace Platform (which also allows you to open up your own marketplace by issuing your own RFPs).

The ExportersAlmanac provides lists of:



However, before signing up for any of these In this case, you should check:

  • Which electronic marketplaces are suitable for you.
  • The costs of joining and trading.
  • The risks of using each marketplace – especially with regards to receiving for payment for your goods or services.