Financial Services

Debt Collection & Recovery

Your buyer hasn’t paid? You didn’t take out credit insurance? It’s bad news but not necessarily the end of the road.

There are two possibilities for you to follow:

Debt Collection

This is where you chase the debt yourself - in which case you may still need legal support (LawBite can help you here) to ensure that you follow all legal channels open to you.

Debt Recovery

This where you use the services of a third party to pursue the debt. Should you need to use the Debt Recovery services of a third party debt collection agency, one of the main factors in choosing the agency you should use will be determined by the location of the debtor - the UK or abroad?

UK Debt Recovery

For UK Debt Recovery we would recommend .........(service coming soon).

Overseas Debt Recovery

If you are owed money by overseas companies, there a number of companies specialising in debt recovery, to review a number of major international debt collection agencies, see The ExportersAlmanac Debt Collection Agencies: