Analyse your Competitors

Company Profiles

Having determined where your competitors are based, you can then use these services to identify actual competitors.

Kompass EasyList

Using the same online interface as the free services, use the search criteria to create your own tailored target list for downloading. *The price for the file containing your target list is shown before you buy.


*N.B. If you just need a list of a few hundred companies, this is an economic alternative to EasyBusiness. However, if you need heavier access to the Kompass database, then you should consider subscribing to EasyBusiness.

Kompass Global EasyBusiness

EasyBusiness will help you find the right competitor leads:

  • Expert data specialists in 65+ countries - collecting and verifying data locally – so Kompass can share their valuable local knowledge without you even leaving your office.
  • Access a database of more than 33 million companies worldwide, whether you need business information for email marketing, telesales, field sales or direct mail, use their range of tools to drill down to find exactly the right list of sales leads for your campaign.
  • More than 60 key search criteria to help you source relevant prospects for your sales and marketing activity. You can refine and view your targeted marketing lists, then export the data or upload onto your own CRM system.
  • Focus on the right contacts. Smart data will help you find new business contacts as well as develop your business in new markets. Sales Accelerator, our EasyBusiness add-on, integrates live Big Data from 200k media sources (web, social, networks, blogs). This not only gives you access to thousands of contacts, but you can also setup customised news and job alerts to help you keep track of your leads.
  • The alerting system will enable you to follow up the real time updates of your companies of interest (turnover, executives, contact details…). You will be automatically notified in your dashboard when an update is made.

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  1. All prices are subject to UK VAT.
  2. Licences are valid for 12 months.
  3. One company profile downloaded requires one credit.


Additional Countries and Credits:


Additional Licences:


Graydon Credit Reports

Check out the Credit Reports and Credit Ratings of your Competitors.

GCR Devices.PNG

Graydon Credit Reports provide you with all the information you need and rely on (i.e. official sources, big data and community data). This information (company profile, ratings, financials, payment behaviour, company structure, exceptional specifications and summary) gives you reliable financial insights and a good picture of the risk profile of a competitor.

Graydon Credit Rating

At the heart of Graydon Credit Reports is the Graydon Credit Rating, which provides you with an overview of the level of financial risk involved in working with the subject company. Easy to understand and taking into consideration more data attributes, the Graydon Rating is used to determine the creditworthiness of an organisation. Supported by the Augur Scoring models, it takes into account key financial and non-financial indicators of the health of a business including:

  • Assets
  • Liquidity
  • Profitability
  • Demographics
  • Negative events; e.g. County Court Judgements

The score is presented in a range from AAA (Highest) to D (Lowest).

Price Tariff & Delivery Schedule

Graydon International Credit Reports can be delivered to you in various ways, online and offline.

For UK Credit Reports, the agreement B2BCentral has with Graydon gives you a 20% discount on their retail price per reference report - allowing B2BCentral to offer you these at £12.00 (plus VAT) per report rather than £15.00 (plus VAT) - with online delivery.

For International Reports, see Graydon_Tariffs.pdf to check delivery times for the service you prefer.

  • Online

Reports are instantly available online. (Should the data be out of date when you are accessing, an updated version will be ready within 6 or 9 working days at most.)

  • Offline

Reports delivered to you offline within 2-12 working days, depending on the chosen speed of delivery: Normal, Express or Flash. (Delivery times may be subject to slight variations due to changes in time zones throughout the world.)