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Kopiki is a service which matches Buyers with Suppliers; cost-effectively and efficiently.

How it works:

  • The Buyer specifies the item they are looking for out of Kopiki's database of 10,000.
  • They then open a Marketplace where Buyers and Suppliers interact anonymously.
  • Once a Marketplace is open, new Suppliers are invited to join.
  • If the Marketplace is right for you, then you can join.
  • You can start building a relationship with the Buyer.
  • When ready the Buyer will select Suppliers, they wish to contact.
  • Kopiki does not get involved in the transaction they just introduce Buyers and Suppliers.


After a free trial period, for £99+ VAT per month you get unlimited access to all the MarketPlaces opened by all Buyers.

To register as a Supplier just click here.

See the video: Kopiki B2B MarketPlaces