Back Office Support

Get the Best Back Office Support available - and save money!

Make sure you’ve got the best deals possible - improve efficiency, reduce admin and save money!

  • Administration Systems - Review your Accountancy Software Package, Supply Chain Management and Team Working Platforms.

  • Communications - Make sure you are getting the full benefit from what is available.

  • Company Management - By using kudocs, you will have an accurate and real-time repository of all of its core information, easily accessible and available in one place to enable the smooth running of its business.

  • E-Invoicing - Access Pagero's e-Invoice system enabling you to send or receive e-invoices and e-order messages quickly and easily. E-Invoicing frees up your administration and helps you to get paid more quickly.

  • Legal Advice & Documentation - Find the legal advice and documentation you need. Legal support is critical in ensuring you have solid foundations for your business.

  • Personnel - If you need to hire permanent, temporary or freelance personnel, here are the resources for you.

  • Staff Training - Whether you need just a single course for an individual or a series of courses for groups of staff, these can be accessed here.

  • Translation Services - If you are exporting or planning to export to non-English language countries, then you will need translation services. Choose the right one for you.